D  E  L  I  V  E  R  Y

Please allow 10-14 days for sampling from receipt of order and camera ready artwork and following sample approval, 3-4 weeks for main delivery. Should you not proceed after samples have been prepared then a charge will be made for all origination costs.

We will be delighted to prepare quotations for the supply of standard colour printed mugs (not 'Magic Mugs' in up to 4 colours (500 - 2,000 prices) and up to 6 colours (2,000 - 10,000 prices. All quotes given are on the understanding that an under/over run of 10% is accepted and the total amount delivered will be chargeable.

Mugs are normally bulk packed in boxes of 36.

size : 57 cm x 26 cm x 21cm
Gross weight: Apporx 10 kilos.

Mugs supplied in polystyrene postal packs are packed into boxes of 60.

Size: 60 cm x x46 cm x 43 cm
Gross Weight: Approx 17 kilos.

2 Mug cardboard boxes* (40 to a carton)
6 Mug cardboard boxes* (6 to a carton)
*Prices on application.

Payment terms can be agreed when you place your official order.

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